Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black and White Wednesday

Here we are in Compass Cay sitting out "The Weather Event of the Season".  Lashing rains and winds gusting to 35 knots are our excuse for keeping a low profile for a few days.  I am deep into the realm of dragons, shape shifters and royal wars, a la George R. Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire".  Book Three of the four book series is a real page turner.  The Captain has decided that Pina Coladas every night before dinner are now banned from our routine.  HIS girth has expanded noticeably this trip.  We are not even going to discuss mine. 

 And so, we come to Black and White Wednesday once again.  Mrs. Claus at Like Christmas Everyday is playing host to a weekly photo contest.  Come along and join the fun.  Funny how a picture can sometimes stand alone when we remove the colour and sometimes, a picture is nothing when you take the colour away.  B&W shows a good picture for what it is without distractions.

Last week, my propeller got an honourable mention.  Let's see what the judges think of this week's offering: "Ghost".

This first shot is my entry.  I like the billowing clouds in the background, highlighting the main subject of the relic boat.  

Here are some other angles and more details.

This one has neat contrast between the rusting hull and the lumpy rope netting.

Check the three port holes midships and the booms at odd angles.

It looks like the set of a Rod Sterling Twilight Zone episode for sure.

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