Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fishing and Catching

We didn't get in as much fishing as we would have liked this year, what with one thing and another, but what we were able to accomplish was thrilling.  

The instant adrenalin rush as the reel screams, the fish taking the line.  We jump into action.  Getting the rod out of the holder on the deck and into the fighting belt is the first order of business.  Next, clamping down the drag so the line stops peeling off the spool so quickly.  And then the struggle to reel in the fish as he fights to throw the hook, swallow the bait and get free.

We only came up empty once--every other effort was well rewarded and we dined on the most delicious fresh fish many nights.

Woody broke the spell of the jinx that has kept him from catching anything for the past four years.  Boy, did he ever break that jinx for good!

Barracuda.  Better than nothing.  We never eat them but they are fun to play with.

King Mackerel.

Cero Mackerel

Mahi Mahi/Dorado/Dolphin Fish

The Trophy Flag.  
We raise it coming into port, boasting our catch.  
Hey, Everybody!  Look at us, see what we got!

Okay now.  Who else out there likes to fish?
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