Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Week in Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is a delightful island about 45 miles NE of Nassau.  We have been resting peacefully on a mooring across the harbour from the main docks for several days now and plan on being here for another few.  There's a blow coming and this is a great spot to sit it out.

Enlarge this one to see Captain B getting his R&R in his easy chair on the back deck.

This is a thriving community. 

 I just love with the colourful little cottages here.  We met Jean and Tom who bought a 110 year old diamond in the rough and made a total jewel out of it.  When they took possession, it had no electricity, water or plumbing.  It was an open shell.  Today it boasts several individual rooms, a wide, welcoming veranda and a huge book exchange service.

Gail from "Gadabout" and I went fishing.  The Devil's Back Bone is right outside the harbour and the incoming waves were crashing over the reef in a somewhat intimidating way.  Gail has a long history as tour-boat captain and dive operator, so I tend to trust her judgement on this sort of thing.  She stayed calm and collected, guiding us thru the coral heads out to open water. That's when I donned my lifejacket and began holding on tightly to whatever hand hold was available.  The rollers were enormous, seen from the open skiff we were in--at least 6 feet tall! 

-Are you nervous, Rosemary?
-I'm good, I choked out.

As breakfast threatened to make a second appearance, we headed towards home port.  We cut loose the barracuda we caught, staying away from the razor-sharp teeth.

On the way home we were lucky to bring in a Spanish Mackerel--AKA: dinner!

  Tomorrow we will attend church by joining our congregation back home on live-stream.  The wonders of technology keep us connected no matter where we roam.

As we all bed down under tonight's full moon, may the Lord bless you and keep you and turn His eyes upon you and give you peace.
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