Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Better in the Bahamas

Our flag was literally in tatters, faded and not making a good statement.  I had forgotten to buy a new one and bring it from home.  Well, at the Stuart boat show last weekend, I got this one, bigger and better than any I could have purchased at Canadian Tire.  Woody says, Patriotism is cheaper in the States!

I was rudely awakened at 5:30 am, when the Captain turned on the lights, fired up his Ipad and began checking his various weather and sea-state channels.  
YES!  Today is the day, he whooped.
We were finally getting out of Florida and heading to the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

The Pelicans said goodbye to us this morning as we pulled away from the Fort Lauderdale, Florida docks.  The home of super mansions and mega yachts always makes me feel a little "less than", even though I have a great sense of self-esteme and am completely content with my lot in life.  Crew on the mega yacht three slips over told us he would give his right arm to have our boat for his own.  Everything is relative, right?

The Gulf Stream runs up the Atlantic coast of Florida, running 4 - 6 knots, either giving us a boost  on our way, or slowing us down, depending on which direction we are headed.  Today, wind, waves, and Stream effects gave us a challenge.  Seas were 3 -5 feet, banging and bumping us along for four and a half hours.  We caught up to and passed our buddy boat about one hour out.  He was having a very difficult time of it.  He gave up and headed back after three hours of slogging into the slop.

  Nelson and I hunkered down on the day bed and held on tight.  Being the one with the reversible stomach, I took 50 mg. of Gravol and went to sleep for two hours.  When I woke up, Captain was singing out, Land Ho!

As we worked our way down the channel between South and North Bimini, dodging sand bars and shallow water, a pod of rays took turns throwing themselves into the air, jumping completely out of the water, making huge splashes and noise.  Yes, we're back.

We are now ensconced in a nice slip at the Bimini Big Game Club for the next 3 - 5 days.  It is very quiet here, the whole place almost deserted.  We are feeling the need for some R&R pool side/on the beach, after the hoopla of provisioning and boat prep.  Even boating life can have its challenges and lead to being tired out.  Like I said, everything is relative.

The sun is sinking, a golden globe, into the sea.  The wine is poured and the BBQ is getting hot. Welcome to the Bahamas, Mon.  I am so happy to be here.   

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