Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seals, Windjammers and Beach Picnics

The glorious days of summer are here in Downeast Maine.  We're off to Fiddle Head Island for a beach picnic, but first, we're taking a side trip to see the seals basking in the sun on the Green Ledges off Western Island.

Aware of our intrusion into their space, the seals shuffled themselves off the ledges and into the water, preparing for whatever might happen next.

We watched quietly, even Nelson didn't make a peep.  Our best efforts to entice them close to the boat met with decided distain.

That was our best viewing of the seals in many years.  Time to move on to the picnic part of our day.

Fiddle Head is connected to Hog Island at low, low water.

Mummy, please carry my "boat" to the water.  I'm going sailing!

Looking for crabs, using Papa Buz' proven method of lifting the seaweed mats with a stick.
Found one!
Oops, he got away.
Boy, they are FAST little beasties.

Oh, look!  There goes a Windjammer, heading out from Buck Harbor.

What an exhausting morning.  Time to head home for naps.See you next time.

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