Friday, January 28, 2011

First Tracks

Back home in the wintery north-west of Canada, my immediate and extended family are hitting the slopes, battling the snow and cold, seeking the ultimate in powder triumph--first tracks.  Here in the sunny, southern side of life, Nelson and I are getting first tracks almost every day, Bahamian style.

Here it is Friday again and just two days away from the great delight of welcoming my sister onboard Steadfast for a short holiday.  We can't wait to show her off to our friends and to introduce her to all our favourite joys of the Caribbean life as cruisers.
Stay tuned for more hilarity and drama as Steadfast drifts thru the azure waters, island-hopping from one adventure to another.  Let me know what you would like to read, hear about, or see in up-coming posts and I will do my best to produce for you.  Is there something you just can't bear not knowing about life at sea?
We can learn together.

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