Friday, January 14, 2011


After a false start on Monday, we made Nassau Tuesday around noon.  Coming into Nassau Harbour, the first thing we see is the cruise ship terminal. 

Now that's a BIG boat!

The Chart Plotter shows lots of activity.

Next we come to Atlantis, the all-time best aquarium/resort I've ever visited.  Somehow, we never seem to convince Captain Buz to pay the exorbitant marina fees to stay there.

Directly across from Atlantis, we find the commercial boat terminal, followed by Potter's Cay, where the local fishermen sell their catch.  Can you smell it from there?

Next stop, deisel fuel.  Over 400 gallons at $4.25!!!  There are times when sailboats have their unbeatable good points.

From Browns Boat Basin, we can see our slip at Nassau Yacht Haven.

A daily water charge is required, so we relented and washed the boat...a good, long, luxurious scrub, rinse and shammy job.  This is the marina we usually stay at when passing thru Nassau.  Over the past ten years, we have gotten to know the dock master Sydney and his crew, and they us. 

Welcome back, Steadfast!

Ah yes, the unrelenting rocking with the wake from harbour traffic, the sirens as police transport prisoners between court and The Big House at top speed down Bay Street, the sunken or half sunken boats littering the bay--we are back.

One overnight, a quick trip to the grocery store and the marine store for a new float switch and we were off again.  The winds are changing soon and we don't want to be stuck here.

I remember our first time crossing "The Dreaded Yellow Bank".  The cruising guides had us on pins and needles, terrified of hitting hundreds of barely submerged coral heads.  We have learned to tackle this portion of the trip with the sun on our beam, or better yet on our stern, to easily see the dark circles in the water.  It's all about "reading the water" as they say around here.

We reached Highbourn unscathed and plan to stay for at least 4 days until the NE wind eases off and the seas lay down again.  At least we can relax with no agenda.  We are where we want to be--The Exumas, mon.

When was the last time you had to wait out the weather?
Did you have a good time doing it?


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