Monday, January 3, 2011

South and Heading Further

They say travel expands the mind.  I would say, "Travel expands the waist, the bust, the hips...." you get the picture.  In New York it was Dunkin Donuts.  In Ohio, Denny's.  In Georgia, we began looking forward to the Cracker Barrel signs along the interstate.  Boiled peanuts and Krispy Kremes in Georgia.  Grits in Virginia and get this:  black-eyed peas for breakfast on New Years Day for good luck in Florida.  

"What happens today (after I spilled a pot of boiling water during breakfast) will happen all year long."

Happy New Year!

By the way, have you ever tried to boil regular "white" spaghetti and whole wheat spagheti together in the same pot without getting them entangled together???  Are we the only ones this crazy?


After 9 months in storage, Steadfast is once again on the water and making headway south.  Here we are in Hutchinson's Marriott Marina, slip 34.  We left River Forest Marina this morning (where she was stored in a category 5 hurricane-proof building)  after three days of cleaning, testing, checking and repairing systems.  Provisioned and ready to go, tonight we are already eating into our supplies.  It doesn't look like we will cross to the Bahamas before Thursday, and so another expedition to Publix will be in order.

Check out the ubiquitous pelicans cleaning up as crew clean the catch from a day's

It is a balmy 78 degrees here (minus 13 at home).  I have my supply of pre-rigged ballyhoo in the freezer, just waiting until I can get a line in the water.  I've no Florida fishing license, but once outside the three mile limit, it's fair game.  

Give us the call,

Ahoy, Steadfast!

and come aboard for fun and frolic, as we spend the next few months guilded golden by southern sunshine, rocked into relaxation by the gentle ocean rhythms, fed from the sea and nourished by the Word (currently studying the Book of Revelation.)

ps.    Don't bring anything except underwear, several bathing suits and sunscreen.  We have clothes, jackets, sun hats and snorkeling gear to share.

pps.  This is a different computer, a different (and very pernsickety) operating system, making for frustrating posting.  I have amazing photos of the birds, but..... !  Things should get easier and less hair-pulling as I get used to it.  I will be able to post as connection permits, island to island.  Stay tuned.
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