Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mother-of-the-Bride: Post #3

Family tradition dictates the wedding cake to be of the rich, fruit cake variety.  When Papa Buz and I got married, he insisted he have a cake of his own.  He hates fruit cake and wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  My sister instantly agreed and produced a masterpiece forthwith, totally breaking away from all British/Canadian tradition.  For the Bride of the Moment, it is to be the traditional cake.

The recipe has been handed down from Great Grandma and used eight times in my life time so far.  Bridie-Dearest asked for a copy to be inscribed into her special recipe book for future reference.  Heaven forbid it should go missing!  

Because we doubled the recipe to fill the bigger, three tiered rounds, the ingredients included 8 pounds of candied fruit.   Family, friends and neighbours came to help stir the batter.  The more people who stir it, the more good luck and well-wishing goes to the Bride, or so tradition says.  Three and a half hours in a slow oven produced a festive, fragrant atmosphere in the kitchen as we gossiped and sipped coffee and tasty treats.  

Aren't weddings fun?  The build-up to the big event is as much part of the fun as any of it.  
The party has begun!!!
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