Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Over the Hills and Far Away....

My daughter has classified me as a vagabond.  I get around a lot.  I am hardly ever home for long.   I got home after 4 months away and packed up and left 2 weeks later.  My son doesn't think I even unpack between trips.  At least I can look like a queen while I'm at it!

No moss grows under my feet. I am on the west coast of  Canada, visiting my family.  Well, really, it's been 6 months since I've seen them all, and I really don't want them to forget I am still alive.
There's nothing like a change of geography for inspiration and to get the creative juices flowing.  My new, underwater camera (read:  small and easy to pack) is in melt down mode.  Click, click, click...there is so much to document. You will remember I mentioned the encroaching has to document daily, or one tends to loose track of where one has been. 

I love where my sister lives:  beside a river, in a valley between lots of mountains.  This winter's heavy snow fall is making for very high water this spring.  The Kettle River is in flood and is still rising.

While the water is rising in the river, the air and land is dry.  Pinwheel water sprinklers are hard at work, making sure the spring plantings are hale and hardy.  This area of BC is an arid zone.  Sunburn is a greater risk here on a clear day than ever it was all winter in the Bahamas.

Saskatoon bushes are in full bloom here now, while the apple blossoms are getting ready for their debut.

Just down the road from where I am visiting, there is corral housing rescued horses.  If you were a horse, what colour would you choose to be?  I favour the appys myself.
Watch out for the deer!  my brother-in-law warns, as I head out at dusk.  Is it me, or his car he is concerned about, I wonder?

You need to exercise more, my sister admonishes me.  Calories in less than calories out, is the only way to loose weight, she advises.  And so, to the BMX track and trails.....

Because my butt and inner thighs are in revolt, I am languishing in front of the computer this eve.  Here are some photos of the the local yellow sunflowers to finish off tonight's post.  Enjoy the sunshine and beauty of spring in whichever agricultural zone you find yourself.  It only comes once a year and one has to appreciate its fleeting beauty while it lasts.

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