Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Five More Sleeps!

The tree is decorated,

Nelson is getting into the spirit of things...sort of...

Special florals are arriving by delivery vans,

I think I'm all ready.
As a matter of fact, I am getting really excited!

As Christmas is "under control" here, I have focused my attentions elsewhere this week.  It's been an entire year, and the curtain issue in the living room has still not been addressed.  While I sat writing a cheque to the designer and co., to remunerate them for thinking about us at all, I decided to take the bull by the horns and do something with it myself.

Over twenty years ago, I made the curtains that still hang here.  Mr. Designer said half of them should go, as they were "too much" and that they "caused the eye to stop inside and not venture out to the view".  Taking his advice to heart, I pulled down one panel per window and waited for what was to come next.  Turns out, nothing at all came for the past twelve months.  hmmmmmmm.......

 This is how things looked until today.
This is how things look now.  I prefer the one Roman Shade that hangs longer, but as the men of this household are giants, they want to be able to see out without having to bend over.  Hence, the two shades pulled up to their maximum retraction.  Three windows done, three to go.  At least this project didn't cost anything as the fabric and lining were already here.  :)

Are you ready?  If so, what are you working on in the meantime?

This present is for you, my Blogging Buddies.  Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year too.  My the joy of God's Incredible Gift to us all fill your hearts with peace and love.

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