Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Many Faces of Christmas

 Outside, the world was white and silent.

Inside was another story!

As the extended family gathered for Grandma's 90th Birthday, 
reunion and celebration revelry abounded.

Xman got right into the spirit of the day 
and his impish grin let's you know 
that he knows 
he's over-the-top cute!

Med is officially documenting the event.

Men in the kitchen.  
Supper for 17 meant there was enough work for everybody to have a job.

Champagne for breakfast, 
Baileys with coffee, 
Screech while we opened presents.....

"Just what I wanted!!!!!"

Queen of the Day, Grandma wasn't the least bothered by the paparazzi.

and the group shots begin...

This was an amazing feat of genius.  
Even though we 
 got everyone looking in the same direction at the same time, 
got the camera to delay long enough for the camera man to 
crawl under the table and make it into the picture, 
one person got left out as she was still in the shower.
You can see her spirit over there in the top left corner.

Party hats.

The feasting begins.

Waiting our turn at the buffet...

Some of us were more interested in the prizes from the Crackers than in the food.

 Making a demarkation between Christmas and Birthday has always been of primary importance.
Grandma raked in the loot!

As the evening unfolded,  the Three Musketeers
or the ZZ Top guys got into full swing.

Then, there was Rip Van Winkle.
(no beard)

Moving on to "Second Christmas" in a second location....

Santa gets to EVERYONE, eventually.

Even if they are puking their guts out,

with fevers and new molars trying to make it thru swollen gums...

Poor sickies.

Something for everyone....even those not quite here yet.

Well, due to the Plague, not everyone showed up for Second Christmas.
Looks like there will be a Third Christmas later in the week.

Here's hoping all my blogging buddies had a 
Mary and Joseph Christmas, 
with lots of love and laughter.  

Happy New Year comes next.
Best wishes to you all.
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