Friday, August 13, 2010

The Clock Is Ticking

Time is of the essence.
The faster I go, the behinder I get.
Haste makes waste.

Why is it that just when you want time to slow down, it speeds up, or vise versa.  I could really use some time-lapse glimpses of the future here, but no....things are moving like they are mired in clay. 

I have an agenda.
I'm in a hurry.
Hurry up and wait.

We're talking home reno here.  You must be finished by mid-November. 
Yeah, right.

So, leaving the frenzic, frantic fits for another day--I am working on doing serenity. 
Peaceful thoughts.
Deep breaths.
Quiet tea breaks.

It will all come together, when it is meant to be. 
I will have a beautiful kitchen before hurricane season ends.
My house-home and my boat-home will have an even balance that only my fairy godmother can congure, and it will be perfect.

Now, on to something completely different: 

The Friday Follow Fun.

If you are new to Steadfast, grab a life vest and hang on.  You never know what's coming on the next big wave.  Leave some love in the comments box and I will get back at you.  I need all the encouragement you can muster.  Have a great weekend, Everybody.

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