Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Still Fishing

Do you want to hear about the two that got away?  Do you want me to hold my arms out to my sides and tell you they were "this big"?  Do you want to stay for a no-fish dinner? 

After coming up empty two nights in a row, last night we struck it big.  No, still no skunk, but....this time we caught a mother raccoon.  She was not a happy camper when the dogs found her at 6:30 this morning.  The uproar was enough to wake the dead.  Howling dogs, growling, clawing, attack mode raccoon, terrified husband.  He threw a towel over the cage and brought the dogs back inside.  We all huddled under the duvet in bed, waiting for hearts to calm to a steady pace and for Mama Raccoon to compose herself.

Check out those long and deadly claws!

Once we released Mama Raccoon, she made a lightning dash for the bushes and rematerialized in the apple tree.  She moved so fast we didn't even see where she got to at first.  It was the dogs, of course, that gave us our first clue.

We have a new plan:  we will stake out the trap in the FRONT yard tonight.  There have been signs of recent skunk activity out there and several sitings as well. 

The way things are going, I am afraid the animal population at this address may unite and stage a coup against us as sovereign rulers.  The indigenous species are legion.  We are but one small family unit, barely clinging to survival in the wild kingdom. 

We may need to call for reinforcements soon. 
Be prepared
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