Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gone Fishing

Fishing.  In my back yard.  Think bait and tackle.  Think big game.  Think....wait for it....

S K U N K.

After close calls on several occasions, Nelson  got it in the face four nights ago. 
It was epic: 

Frothing, white foam. 
Ulcerated eyes.
Trip to the Vet.

Now we are on a mission to catch that varmint, and I can not help but see the similarities to fishing.  (This is a boating blog, after all.)  On the ocean, I choose the bait most likely to attract the fish being sought after.  I cruise or troll the areas known for success in catching said fish.  I think positive thoughts about eating good omega 3's for dinner and hope it is tonight.

Fishing for Skunks is just like that.  I have a live trap.  I have bait.  I have the area of most frequently seen skunks.  I have good thoughts of what I will do once I catch the Stinky Fellow. But...just like in fishing, I am not having the very best results.

First, I caught a squirrel. 

Nelson found him first and was totally beside himself, running circles around the cage, barking his voice hoarse.  The squirrel was freaking out, doing flips inside the cage, throwing himself against the door to no avail.  He was well and truly trapped.  Hubby and I were in a dither trying to coral the dog, release the squirrel and not get rabies in the process.  Nobody even thought about taking a picture.  This was like catching sand shark when I want to catch sea bass.

Next, I caught an opossum.
This time, I was ready with the camera. 

A face only a mother would love, still kind of cute in a possumy-sort-of-way.
This is like catching barracuda (think teeth) when I want to catch Dorado.

Tonight we have a plan to relocate the trap to a different area of the yard.  What will we catch next????  It seems "The Wild Kingdom" is living back there.  Last night, Super Son, got the scare of his life when something large, furry, and able to bound over hedges in a single leap came at him in the dark.  Being out after curfew has its own rewards.  He says he was watching the meteor shower....

Stay tuned for the next installment in

"Inland Fishing Experts Agree:  Skunks are hard to catch."
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