Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tragedy Times Three

Number One:  So I'm a klutz and I fell down.  The tragedy (spoken as the ultimate Queen of Hyperbole) is that I ruined my fav pair of capris and mangled my knee.  The worst injury was to my pride, as people came running and I felt the consummate fool.

Number Two:  After surviving a work stint in super-hot Guatemala, and one in the African heat of Nigeria, these boots MELTED on a hot roof in Ontario after a day of installing solar panels.  Have you ever seen Bozo the Clown goose-stepping on a church roof?

Number Three:  One baby bird flying into a window is sad.  Two baby brother birds fatally colliding with a window together is truly a tragedy.  I will miss these lovely Goldfinches in my garden.

In the big scheme of things, these "tragedies" are minor incidents in a happy, healthy life.  Still, they should not go unmarked, noticed for their passing.  Life is a journey of twisted turnings, leading to the molding of character and stamina.  In the end, I will want to have seen it all, and cherished the joy and sadness of every moment.

What about you?  Have you remarked on any small joys or sadness recently? 
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