Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Facinator

I told people I was going to wear a hat, a feathered head dress, an adornment on my head...whatever.  

Turns out it's really called a "Facinator". 
Who knew? 

They're all the rage in Europe, so I've heard.  It was definitely a hit last night, as different people took turns wearing it.  I bet we'll see more and more of these cutsie things as the fad catches on.

Love this dress.  First of all, I got it at Winners (similar to TJ Max in the States) which means it was extremely reasonable in price.  Then, with a homemade crinoline, it got all swishy and swirly...great for dancing.

For those of us with a shoe fetish, these are the very best.  I pull them out on State and Holy occasions.

The celebration was in honour of a 25th wedding anniversary of good friends.  There was much feasting, red wine, chocolate, speeches, pranks and general hilarity--a good time was had by all.

Don't you just love to dress up?  What about dancing?  Do you?  Does your partner?

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