Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've Been Tagged--AGAIN.

Here I am, back in the house of horrors, after a lovely four days away.  New pipes that go nowhere and stick up and out at weird angles, new holes in the ceiling, newly patched hardwood floor, more plaster chips and sawdust and dusty dust greeted me on my return.  Next door has progressed as well, and now we have a 4 car garage two and a half feet away from our side fence.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with family is a lovely way to destress.  I continue to be amazed that my grown children are now parents themselves and still welcome me to share their lives.  Can hearts truly burst from happiness and too much love?  If it wasn't love, it would be the never-ending food orgies of the past four days that could be the culprit...I'm bursting at the seams.

Today's post is in response to Lauren who tagged me and wants answers to 8 questions.

1.  I began posting a blog last winter to update friends on the watery exploits of our Bahamian winter.  When spring came, I was in the groove and wanted to continue with the outlet for creative writing.  A ham was born and I couldn't stop.

2.  My favorite blog?  There are so many, but here are the top three:  K, Haupi, and Veronica.  These three women caught my attention in different ways.  K tells a whole story every day in just one or two sentences.  Haupi truly reads my blog and gives thoughtful comments.  Veronica laughs at me and with me over a variety of different things.  I am developing an alternate blog-family with these people and more.

3.  Again, it is hard to settle on just one favorite season, but I love spring for the reawakening of life, and I appreciate autumn for the colour, the smells, and the chance to wear different clothes.

4.   Used to be, people told me I looked like Carol Burnet.  Then it was Diane, the one who played the wife of JR on Dallas.  Last week, I was mistaken for "the lady who works at the bank".  I must have a generic face, because I'm forever reminding people of someone famous, or someone they know from somewhere.  You get used to it after awhile. :)

5.  Cats and Dogs.  I have one of each at the moment.  My brother in law likes to ask if people like cats, and then asks if they want to swap recipes.  Nasty.

6.  My current favorite TV show is Hawaii Five O.  House is now in second place after Boston Legal got cancelled.  I am the fickle friend that moves on.  Davey Crocket was the all time fav when I was a kid.

7.  Italy!  No better place to visit, again and again and again.  Scenery, history, food, people, weather--all good.

8.  I think I found Lauren's blog just last week on a Friday Follow.  I choose to follow blogs that tell about life, or showcase a talent of some kind.  I avoid those that exist as mini businesses, selling and giving away things to get big numbers.

And now to tag a few others....

Only four questions, because I only chose 4 people:

1.  Where would you like to live if you could choose with impunity?

2.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

3.  What would you change if you could?

4.  Who do you admire most and why?

Have fun with the game and pass it on.  You are IT.

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