Sunday, October 24, 2010


I love studying the etymology of words.

Disease, meaning to make uneasy, discomfort, trouble, distress, misfortune.  Comes from two old words des, meaning without or away and aise, meaning ease.

Contageous comes from the word contagio which means contact.  Con meaning with, and tagio meaning touch.

Sick, meaning unwell, has a huge history. 

Old Frisian was a language similar to English, spoken on the North Sea Coast of modern Netherlands and Germany before the 1400's.  Their word for sick was siak

In the 600's - 1000's, the Old Saxon word for sick was siok.  A west germanic language, Old Saxon was the earliest form of low German.

Proto-Germanic is a hypothetical prehistoric ancestor of all Germanic languages, including English and their translation is seukaz.

Old High German, which is the ancestor of modern literary German renders it sioh.

The East Germanic language of the Goths, extinct since the 1400's says siuks.

Middle Dutch was spoken and written between 900's and 1400's.  Siec.

Old English: seoc.

In the Rosemary version, sick is made from two words:  is and ick, as in
Rosemary' s   ick.

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