Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blackberries for Arnold

Isn’t it fab fun when you see your kids and Grandkids carrying on family traditions?  Walking to the beach and stopping every few feet to scarf down the wild berries along the way has been this family’s way for generations.  Making dedicated trips to search out blueberry barrens and blackberry patches.  Bringing home the treasure—blue/black gold! 

Making pancakes, muffins, pies, jams and more.  Yummy fun every time.

This week, Grand #3 and his Mummy took me to the blackberry patch in Bucks Harbor.  

As I kept a keen eye out for poison ivy, picking my way gingerly thru the tall grasses and brambles, Mummy and Arnold roamed at leisure picking and eating to their hearts’ content. 

In hardly any time at all, we had a soggy bag full.  The hardest part of the whole endeavor was keeping ahead of the taste tester!

Sort, mash, boil, stir in pectin and sugar and

Blackberry Jam

Voila again
Blueberry Jam!

Some people love canning, preserving, jamming and baking.  I just love eating fresh, local produce any way I can.  Now the trick will be hiding it away from Hubby, who would devour it all before Thanksgiving in early October (for Canadians).  Somehow, it will magically appear, one precious jar at a time, until next harvest.

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