Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Wedding At Last

Well, I think I have the gist of how this new system works.  I have amassed a gazillion photos of the Big Day and am ready to try not to bore you to death with all of them.  I know in my heart that they are all beautiful to me, that you will smile and be gracious, but that in the end, one set of wedding pics is as good as the next.  

The Bride

Aren't We Pretty?

Ready to Go!

 Drive, Park, Hike

Rehearsing His Homily

The Hike

The Ceremony

The Flower Girls

The Alpenhorn Player

So Far , So Good

The Reception

You will get the general impression of the day from these few and know we had a truly wonderful wedding.  The weather, the people, the ceremony, the food, the dancing and the fun, fun, fun!

Join me in a toast to the Happy Couple:  May they live long together, in love and happiness.

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