Thursday, August 11, 2011

Randomly Itchy In All the Wrong Places

Well, here I am at The Ends of the Earth (read: Down East Maine), without internet access, learning the intricacies of a brand new laptop (Mac, not Del), and just dying to post pictures of the wedding (they're sooooo good)!  We'll just have to wait on that one until help arrives.  I can't figure out how to down-size the photos in this new operating system.

Random Complaints:
*  Poison Ivy--it's spreading, it's itchy and it's driving me mad!
*  Bumps and bruises from falling completely on my face in the middle of the night--ouch.
*  Hot blueberry juice that squished out of my pancake hit me ifn the face--at least it missed my eye.
*  Allergy to my new sunscreen--more red, itchy ugliness.
*  Grandchildren falling down stairs, getting stomach aches and dying of boredom with the wet weather--how many videos do we have and can we get more in a hurry?

Random Projects On The Go:
* The guys are getting long distance coaching from the marine mechanic, trying to repair the outboard engine for our little boat.
*  I am ripping out inches and inches of knitted sweater pattern that refuses to cooperate with me, re-knitting and re-ripping with willy-nilly randomness.
*  Grand#1is on a mission to find Fairy nests, Edible crab apples and Pirate treasure.
*  Grand#2 is hot on the heels of the men, making them dodge around his smallness.  He is working his way into the Guiness Book of World Records for longest-in-pajamas every day and eating the most blueberries.

Read a good book, finish the jigsaw puzzle, look for beach glass, go fishing, have fun.  What are your fav things to do on vacation?  Ah...the joys of summer!

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