Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Rehersal

One thinks these things can get carried away on a flood of sentimental traditionalism, but really, doing the walk-thru truly helps iron out the details.  A crowd of one hundred people can take on a life of its own without direction.  Someone has to be in charge.  Someone, or a team, has to give leadership to the flock.  And so it was on Saturday, 18 of us did the hike, re-arranged seating plans, talked through the order of service, ironed out the details of the reception and generally built anticipation for the day ahead.

There are several paths to the chosen meadow.  We had to decide which one would be most conducive to easy access for porters, strollers and hikers of various abilities.  We stopped often to admire the beauty all around us...a wedding cathedral to beat Will and Kate's!

To see photos of this site last January, when it was buried in snow, click here and here

Twelve wonderful volunteers assumed roles as Wedding-site Co-coordinators, Porters, Hike Leaders, Water-bottle Distributor, First aide Administrator and yes, Bear Wrestler. 

Okay, keep together.  No stragglers allowed.  Fresh bear and cougar tracks had us keenly aware of our surroundings.  (enlarge this photo and you will gasp at what you see!)

Nelson Dog had to stay on-leash for the whole trip, even though he begged to be allowed to run free through the glorious meadow wild flowers. Other than tracks, we saw no signs of big game. It was the swarms of Mosquitoes that attacked us viciously. We made note to have lots of bug spray and sunscreen available to share the next day.

The Mother of the Groom hosted about 40 people for supper later that afternoon.

 Food, glorious food!

Fun and hi jinx.

The party began when family and friends started arriving Thursday afternoon and it just kept getting better and better all weekend, culminating in the finale Wedding Breakfast on Monday.  Don't you just LOVE weddings?

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