Friday, November 25, 2011

It's All Willy Nilly In My House

Did I tell you about Papa Buz buying a Beta Fish for Grand #3 during the last weekend visit here?  Well, the Grand went home, and I still have a FISH ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER!!!!!  Somehow, this fish invasion speaks about the state of my life these days;  no control, clutter, added responsibility--mayhem.

Every morning, Hubby and I rehearse the responsibilities of the day.  I take notes.  Is my list longer than his, or do I just write in a larger hand?

Sonny Boy suggested I decorate the blue spruce in the front yard to look like a real Christmas tree and somehow it really came off splendiferously cool.  Canadian Tire has the tools of the designer trade a la "Yule Tide Bright" at a good price, but the bill came in a little higher than I am willing to admit.  Hubby doesn't know...does he really read my blogs?   We'll hear about this if he does.  Now all I think I need is a half dozen poinsettias and I'm done in the decor department.  Live music for the company Christmas party is next on my list.

Doors are closing out listening ears, as various Santas in the house consult with far-off family members on the phone.  Secrets are thick in the air here.  It's getting hard to breath, or is that my broken ribs reminding me they're still not whole?  Does your Santa have a handle on all the sizes and colour preferences on her list?  Why are people so hard to choose for this year?

I have already worn my fox fur hat this week as the temperatures dipped to freezing and the ice rain began to pummel the sky lights.  Nelson has begun wearing his high-fashion doggy coat--red with a reflective stripes down the sides.  Today the temperature soared to 16.5 C and we were peeling off layers faster than Santa slips down chimneys.  Here come more sneezes and sniffles.  Let's make up our minds, shall we, Mother Natrure?  Is it winter or is it not winter yet?

I am going to tell you a little secret:  one of my most fav parts of the Christmas season is the small box of Lindor Truffles for dessert at Swiss Chalet.  The only trouble is that once I get even a whiff of that to-die-for chocolate, I can not stop eating them and go on a wild rampage looking for more, more and MORE.

Have a wonderful time enjoying this busy, exciting time of year, she says as she waddles off into the distance, sniffing around for the last bits of hidden addictions.
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