Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quotable Quotes From Blissdom

It's been three weeks since BlisdomCanada 2011 in Toronto. I am almost finished chewing on all I came away with from that amazing social media conference. There was so much to learn. Blogging, Twitter, Tribes, RSS, SEO, html...and things I had never even heard of. I have decided I will not attempt to learn anything else until I have mastered these. Enough already!

As I read thru my copious notes (yes, I am one of those who scribbles down everything in class) lots of golden nuggets dropped into my lap. Maybe you will remember a few of these if you were there, and maybe if you weren't able to attend, you will find these quotes have some stand-alone value.

"Rule #1: Turn your cell phone ON!"

"They were serenely intense, shmoozing while texting and tweeting."

"Keep calm and Tweet on."

"Tweet about us to win."

"Is your knowledge partial and contingent, or truly factual?"

"Know thyself and strive to know others."

"Interogate your own opinions."

"Make friends, build community, negotiate with enemies."

"Trolls are assholes."

"We all use creative license while blogging."

"Looking for inspiration? What were your goals to start with?"

"Don't let your stats become how you look at yourself."

"Be an agent for change."

"The Revolution Will Be Tweeted!"

"Think, read, research before you re-tweet."

"Write stories with hearbeats where borders have no relevance."

"Own it! Be prepared to defend it."

"Are there any words left?"

"Follow the goosebumps."

"I don't care what you think about me. I never think about you."


Then there was this scenario that kept the entire room screaming with laughter:
(for this one, I think you really had to be there.)

Dee: You're all about poop.
Gail: You're all about sex.
Dee: Gail, you have a REALLY big box.

Me: Does that count as her next swear word?
Shmutzie: No--it's only 3 letters.

CBC rep: We request that Debbie move down the table away from Gail and Dee.
Julie: Panel Moderator's job up for grabs. Right now! Anyone? Anyone at all???
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