Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life, Death and Somewhere In-Between

The delirious joy of seeing babies in my babies' arms,
the puzzlement and loss when a parent passes--
These are weightless trifles compared to the cataclysm of a spouse suddenly camping at heaven's gates.

Events over the past two weeks have carried us to the clouds with happiness and
plunged us into the frigid waters of poisonous fear.

Anniversary parties with extended family one weekend,
death of a Father the next.

A close friend hospitalized with stroke, juxtaposed with Thanksgiving Celebrations,
and now...
a brain injury fells one of our strongest and most stalwart members!

The family is reeling.  There seems to be no rhyme nor reason in all this, no choreographed plan.  Chaos is bouncing us like ping pong balls in dizzying directions, careening us off cement walls, dropping us off precipitous cliffs.

What's next?

Life carries noisily on, filling up the spaces, while what's important distills on the inside:








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