Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Full Head of Steam

One of the thrills of Autumn in Southern Ontario is the plethora of fall fairs.  The one we NEVER miss, is the Balls Falls Fair over Thanksgiving weekend in Jordan, every year.  This year, we had two grands visiting, which made the whole event even more fun.

How much fun is it when a two year old tells you he has to pee, right now, and you don't have his beloved potty with you?

What about the fun of missing the bus and having to walk, drag, carry said Grand for a mile to the gate to get in and then back again to the car when it's time to pee?

Talk about the fun of sharing a bucket of apple dumplings, wood fired gourmet pizza and roasted chestnuts while chasing a wee one out from under the hooves of horses, the path of tractors, or the reach of Bald Eagle claws.

We had a TON OF FUN.

We wandered over to investigate the antique steam engine on display.


and then.....
It began to breath fire....

 and explode in billowing clouds of steam.

The whistle was deafening.
Our wee lad ran screaming for the bushes!

The clouds dissipated and the noise was over too quickly.  
I wasn't ready with my camera.
Could we do it again, please?

The engineer was so nice and very accommodating.

For Black and White Wednesdays, over at Like Christmas Every Day,
here is one for Mrs. Claus.

Second Place Winner!

Do you have fall fairs where you live?
What is your favourite part?

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