Monday, October 1, 2012

Heads Will Turn

While we were in the nursery at church on Sunday, someone commented to my daughter:
-Your daughter with the long hair looks JUST like you!

My daughter and I exchanged a look.
-So, would you say my son looks like a girl, or... do I look like a boy?

Come Monday morning, we called the salon first thing.  Kids' Headz is a salon dedicated strictly to small children.  Yes, they had an opening, and yes, we'd be there in half an hour.  Grand #3 has always had a head of curls and in the past 2.5 years, it's been my job to trim them into a semblance of order once in awhile.  All that to say, this little man knows what having a hair cut is all about.  Driving somewhere to have it done though, is another story.
-This is the way to the airport, he kept saying.  Are we going to the airport?  When will we get to the airport?

As we walked into the shop, our little man immediately homed in on the play area inside the front door and we lost him to the doll house and trucks.  What Grandma noticed first however, was the little boy who had just finished his session.  His face was tear-stained and his breathing was punctuated with hiccoughs.  His mother didn't look much better!  She offered up a wan smile and said,
-It was his first time.

Our BEFORE photos with the long hair and curls.  

On one side of the salon the "chairs" are "cars".  Take your pick:  a pink convertible, a black jeep, or the red sports car.  Our man opted for the red go-fast, complete with spinning tires and loud-sounding horn.

Check out the station...a stack of videos and a VCR.
Our man's choice was, of course, Sesame Street.
Jazzy stripes and bright colours complete the decor. 

I began to ask myself why adults don't get the same amenities?  I guess the repartee with the stylist is what counts for us and then the Baileys, coffee and cookies at Christmas is always a plus.  I'm wondering what they offer here during the holiday season????

Our stylist was a pert young thing, all tumbling auburn curls of her own, a chirpy, high-pitched voice that was only slightly strained, and a determination born of -It's either this or welfare!  I have decided to add this poor woman's job to the World's Worst Jobs list.  

The intrepid hair stylist approached our man, flapping a cape and singing out her name as introduction at the same time.  Grand #3 would have none of it.  -Forget that, just get on with business, I said.


-I'm not really sure about all this...

-I want to get down!

-What is she doing up there?

Once our man got with the program, I wandered around to check things out.  Turns out girly-girls of the Princess bent, can book the joint for birthday parties.  What happens then, do they all get haircuts?'s all about make-up, dress-up, manicures and buying pretty things for their hair.

Almost done.

Looking good!


So...what do you think?
He looks like two different people. 
Gorgeous, either way.
Mum and Grandmum are both pleased.

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