Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Barf and Giggles

A ten-day visit with two baby Grands is an over-the-top, non-stop excitement and unending entertainment.  "Pete The Cat" rhymes and songs I hear in my sleep and wake up singing, lilly pads (pureed peas and carrots in pancake form) for supper, sippy cups and juice boxes without end are the coin in the Land of Kids.

How do women do this day in and day out?  How do one man and woman together keep it together under the relentless onslaught?  HOW DID I DO THIS, back in the day?  We were four adults, including the mother, and between us we were barely managing.  Maybe it was because 3 of us didn't know, or forgot, or ignored the rules.  After all, one uncle and two grandparents are those of the spoil-them-rotten persuasion.  The poor mother was run ragged trying to teach the toddler, as well as the rest of us, the laws of Childhood Nation.

The things of all-consuming interest this week, in no particular order, were:

1.  The Excavator currently demolishing and clearing the site for the new tower complex in Port.  Believe me:  if our almost three year old Grand had been allowed to vote, he'd have been all FOR for the development.

2.  Nelson the dog.  Come, Nelson!  Leave it, Nelson!  Go away, Nelson!!!

3.  Nemo the cat.  Where is Nemo?  Find Nemo!

4.  CAKE!!!!!  I want to just taste it.  NOW!

5.  Rosie's for breakfast, lunch, or to walk by and peer in the windows.

6.  THE CAROUSEL!!!!!  Since last June, Our little man hasn't stopped obsessing about it.  The promise last spring had been, "If you go on the pot, you can have a ride...."  Right, we are not above bribery.   The kid is now potty trained all the way and the carousel looms large in his conscious mind.  He probably dreams about it.  The problem is, October is off season.  He did get three rides over two weekends, the last for the year.  phew!

The little ones have taken their mother home to Western Canada now and the dust has settled here in Port.  We have tons of photos to drool over until we'll see them at Christmas.  

We will not be bereft though, two other Grands and their Dad will be arriving for a visit later this week.  Isn't it the best fun being Grandparents?

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