Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crash, Smash, Oops and Wow!

1.  Blue ceramic fish light--the kind that makes neat shadodws and dancing images with a votive candle.  In the middle of the night, the boat began rocking and good bye fishie:  crash (wake up), smash (sit up), what was that? (get up).

2.  Image-stablizing binoculars:  Buz' pride and joy.  He could spot a bikini at five miles with those babies.  The bright yellow Pellican Case hadn't been completely closed.  Picking it up by the handle sent those magic eyes flying down the fly bridge stairs, bouncing all the way to the bottom. Smash.  Ouch!  that one really hurts.

3.  Forgot to put the butter back in the fridge.  Oops.  Now it's an oily, yellow puddle.

4.  I can count on one hand, with fingers left over, the number of stars, planets and constellations I know by name, but that doesn't mean I am not facinated by the night sky at sea.  I have never seen this in the city, or even in the country side:  millions and millions of stars in every direction.  The world is divided in half.  180 degrees is full of water, 180 degrees of sky filled with stars, all the way down to the water line.  Wow!

5.  Under the title of Miscellaneous: 
                  *  The forgotten joys of cruising life:  oxidized red wine, out-of-date dip and stale, soggy
crackers: ah! 
                  *  New names that feel like fun on the tongue: "Limbo Gumbo Tree",  "Silver Buttonwood Bush", "Oyster Eaters".
                  *  Catching sight of a ray jumping clear of the surface, flashing his white underbelly and diving back in leaving only a ripple on the surface to confirm you actually saw him.
                  *  Pretty copper pennies, smaller in circumference and sporting a dainty starfish on the tailside.
                  *  Secret gloating at reports from home full of snow, cold and misery.  Don't tell anyone, they might think I'm truly terrible and stop reading my blog.  (FYI:  that is an ice-bound relic in Port Dalhousie, not a Bahamian derelict on  white sand dune, compliments of Gerry Walker back home.)

Stay tuned for the Staniel Cay Tour coming up.  Till next time....keep smiling.
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