Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freeport to Nassau

Yes, it's bouganvallia and palm trees, which means we are definitely south of 45 degrees latitude.  Of course you wouldn't know that from the way we and every other human in our vaccinity is dressing this week.  Would you believe: jeans, fuzzies, jackets and hats????
Looking at the sailors alone, you would think we were on the waters of Newfoundland.  Two little words are following me around lately:  COLD FRONT.  It's inescapable.  Those of you in the land-of-ice-and-snow who have begrudged my escape to warmer climes have had your fun, so let it go.  Let the sun shine, the temperature rise, the sunscreen, bikinis and straw hats come out.

Grand Bahama Yatch Club gave us a warm welcome and took good care of us during our stay in Freeport.  The property is in receivership, which gives one pause when making long-term plans, but the staff makes up for any worries with gracious hospitality and good service.  We crashed at sundown and slept for 13 hours on New Years Day.  Of course that means we completely missed Junkanoo, the super-festival with lots of noise, fabulous costumes, and mucho demon rum.  Pity--I really wanted pictures. This photo shows Steadfast (aka: Lil Sista) in the not-so-busy marina.

Nelson loved GBYC!  There was lots of room to run and chase balls in the protected garden areas and he had fun burying his fav in the volleyball pit.  Being a novice sailor, he prefers to be ashore, but stocially puts up with sea voyages.   Huddled in his carrying crate, which is lashed for safety to the fly bridge rails, he sleeps for the duration of each outing.  It took 7 1/2 hours to cross from Freeport to Nassau, travelling at 15 to 17 knots.  Seas were 2 -4 feet with 9 foot swells.  I wouldn't have agreed to go either, except we had following seas and it was a pretty comfortable ride.  (I had also received a promise written in blood that we would turn back if I gave the least hint of throwing up.)

Well, here we are, berthed in Nassau Yacht Haven.  It's dark and stormy again, winds 30 - 35 knots, Steadfast rocking and straining at her tether lines.  Buz and I are doggedly working at getting the technology under controll (read:  buying microphones to make us heard over Skype, trekking over Hell's Half Acre to find out where/how to pay our phone bills.)  I needed to buy yet another pair of sandles as I managed to forget each and every pair I have hoarded at home.  Provisioning will be easy before we forge ahead on Thursday.  The Harbour Bay Mall has a decent grocery store and even ... ta da ... STARBUCKS.  Chris Parker, the weather guru, assures us of fair sailing before the next front moves in.  We are thinking of going to Eleuthra, but that isn't a decision carved in stone yet.

The seagulls are huddling together for warmth on an abandoned dock and we are getting ready to amble over to "The Poop Deck" for some  grilled native seafood--yummy.  Keep on keeping on.  We send our best wishes to one and all for a Happy, Healthy and Warm New Year.

P.S.  Have you remembered to write your thank you notes yet, especially to Grandma?   :)
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