Friday, January 8, 2010

Fishing Report

Enroute to Royal Island, Eleuthra from Nassau, we trolled for fish.  On the starboard side, a cedar plug dressed with a blue and white skirt (much shredded from previous use.  Live-aboard crusiers are nothing if not those who use up every last bit of everything.  One never knows when/where you'll find another.)  On the port side, a pre-rigged ballyhoo, also sporting a blue and white skirt.  I like the blue and whites and have my best luck with them. 

After 30 minutes of tedious inaction, I had to resort to my friend Evie's secret weapon.  Evie is 5 years old and she has a never-fail fishing secret.  In my sweetest, most cajoling and fish-loving voice, I called, "Here, fishie, fishie, fishie."  Immediate results--strikes on both sides.  In no time at all, we reeled in our first fish.  Rats!  A Baracuda!

"Cut the line, watch out for those teeth."

"Hold him down.  I want to save the tackle."

"WAIT. A. MINUTE.  Get the book.  Save that fish!"

It was a King Mackerel over 30 inches long and his buddy of equal size joined him for a costly lunch.  Thanks, Evie.

Yummy in the tummy.  Love those Omega 3's.
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