Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making Tracks

                                                                         Welcome to today's interactive blog spot, where you get a chance to identify island flora and fauna!

I have seen these in Africa that were taller than a man standing on another man's shoulders.  Can you guess what this is?    A termite lodge.

A hint:  not a bicycle tire print.  This print is on an inland pathway.  Hermit crabs make these tracks, some bigger than others, but always somehow comical.

You would find these special sites on the beach.  Fiddler Crabs make nice little hidey holes where they disappear so completely that even Nifty Nose Nelson can't find them.

These hefty tracks were left by a 4X4 Kubota.

I have been told repeatedly that there are no poisonous  snakes in the Bahamas.  Then I was told that if a foreign snake were to arrive here somehow, the local boa constrictors would kill it.  Now I ask you: does a snake have to be poisonour to kill a person who is morbidly afraid of slithering sidewinders?
Here we seet the path left by the dragging tail and small feet of the blue-tailed lizard called the Skank or in local parlance, a Lion Lizard.
I LOVE these little bird foot prints.

Finally, here's one for Darren Shilton who will immediately recognize this rare, on island find: 
A Golden Oldie Bud Girl from 1992.
Note:  still no canckles.

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