Friday, February 5, 2010

Captain At Work

"If it's not one thing, it's another."  A famous quote from Guilda Radnor, but these words are heard on cruising boats all over the world.  One sailing friend recounted a torn head sail repair, followed  by an autopilot breakdown, followed by we-were-afraid-to-ask issue.  She put it this way:  "Crusing is all about fixing things in beautiful places."  How true.

Captain aboard Steadfast is a Jack of All Trades when it comes to keeping his vessel in tip top condition.  He has proudly boasted saving thousands of dollars in Water Maker repairs by doing it all himself.  He only looks mildly sheepish when confronted with the million dollar long distance phone bill to the techie in California who talked him thru the process.

From electrical wiring, head pumps, water maker, generator, radios, refrigeration unit, ice maker, air conditioning, propane oven and BBQ, teak rails and gel coat repairs, to keeping his crew in line, this captain is always busy with some major boat system.  After all, we wouldn't want our boat to look like some in this harbour, half submerged, listing and peeling.

Did I mention navigation and weather watch?  There is no point in delegating these last two tasks, as the First Mate will tell you, because Captain always has to go over everything himself to make sure, to put his mind at ease, to be in control. 

Servicing the windlass (pulls up the anchor).

Pulling Wire in the forward head pannel.

Dog in his kennel, man in  his den aka: engine room.

What is the equivalent for "housemaid's knees" in boating parlance?

Welcome to the inner sanctum.

Way back in there.

Carefully, stay inside the lines.

Chemical formulations...honey teak.

Final coat. 
Bristol Condition.
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