Monday, February 15, 2010

Here and There

A Valentines Day wedding, a chance to see the grandkids and a buisness appointment, all conspired to drag us back to the land of ice and snow from paradise. 

Boy do I miss those daily wet sand pumice pedicures.  Never mind shoes and socks, I have had to resort to ski socks and boots to keep warm and dry.  Shorts, sandals, sun hats and sunscreen have given way to full-on Arctic Apparell as the leaden skies glower, threatening snow and more snow. 

Runs on the beach have taken a different spin, but Nelson is just so happy to run free that he never complains (unlike some of us who get tiresome with the constant moans and groans.) 

Hardy Canadian outdoors enthusiasts keep on keeping on, no matter what the weather.  Snowbirds, such as this author, admire their stamina, but still.... 

The sailboats that danced on the waves all last June, July and August, sit shrouded in plastic wrap, waiting until the sun moves further north, the days get longer and warmer and the ice jams clear from the harbour.  I only have to wait until Febuary 25th before I will see the soft white-sand beaches of the Exumas again. 

There are two more key events before we pack up to leave once more:  Olympic Gold Medals for  Canada and a four day visit with the grandkids out west.  Yeehah!!
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