Monday, February 1, 2010


You know you're a live-aboard cruiser when: 

  • the chores list is longer than the number of hours left in the day to complete it.

  • laundry has been sorted into the following categories:  -worn once -the spots are small, no one will notice -starting to smell, wear only on board  -fellow crew members are complaining, it's officially dirty and relegated to the sack.

  • Kraft Dinner looks appetizing and frozen fish is your standby dinner fare.  It thaws out quickly and is mindlessly easy to prepare.

  • any and every excuse to get out to play is pounced upon.  Hours in snorkle gear searching for someone else's lost propeller is considered play.

  • The Captain recommends to fellow cruisers the use of Rum as sugar substitute on cheerios  and they take him seriously.

  • "Go fly a kite" is taken as a viable option.


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