Thursday, March 11, 2010

At Anchor

Our 4 guests got off for an early flight home Sunday morning.  This family had been our very first guests aboard Steadfast when she was brand new, right out of the box.  Their one week visit was rendered the benchmark for all subsequent visits:  idyllic weather, incredible snorkling, a plethora of beautiful landfalls, and of course, Buz's 5* BBQ steaks.

They say you can't revisit the past--it will never be just like it was--you will be disappointed.  Even though we never heard one word of complaint, I can't help wondering if 4 days on one cay and 2 days on a second was a little less than they had expected.  High winds and rolling seas curtailed our itinerary significantly. 
Three of the four went home with the very darkest suntans it is humanly possible to acquire, and the fourth with the fair complexion, left peeling and red, thus re-enforcing the Gumbo Limbo alias as "The Tourist Tree" due to its distinctive red, blistering bark.  They seemed happy with that.  What was missed in souvenir sand dollars was made up for with over 600 photos, sand in their shoes and damp, salty laundry.

At lunch in the S.C.Y.C. later that Sunday, people were running inside out of the rain, hoodies, jackets and shivers in abundance.  The weather is all anyone talks about:  how this has been the most windy and cold winter of the decade, how the water is too cold and rough for diving, how crews are making one mad dash after another to find safe anchorage between blows. 

Tidal Flats Highbourne Cay
All today's photos are courtesy of Josh Neal

We found a snug spot, close to Dog Beach in Big Majors Spot late on Saturday, and even though we couldn't coax an internet connection in with our extra long antenna, we enjoyed the next five days quietly riding the anchor, rocking to sleep in our cradle and relishing our Bahamian Cruiser's Lifestyle.  The way I see it, a fabulous day of fishing very couple of weeks, a swim now and again, even one truly amazing find on the beach makes it....."Better in the Bahams."
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