Monday, March 1, 2010

Between Storms

New guests arrived in Nassau  to spend this week cruising with us.  Once the wind calmed down enough to manoeuver out of our tight slip, we made our escape--couldn't wait to get away from the incessant noise and dust.  Nelson had found the mother lode of tick infestations, making daily walkies an exercise in zoology.  I think our neighbours were glad to see the last of us, as our departure necessitated the repositioning of three other boats to avoid scrapes, dents and law suits.  "Good to go" all round.

Although the wind was clocking 25 knots, we were taking it in following seas and we enjoyed a pleasant 3 hour ride south.  Highbourne Cay is our first stop.  Since we found it so delightful on our last stop, this oasis has become a "must see" for our visitors.  

Making hay while the sun shines, we used up every minute today getting sunburned (guests who don't believe in sunscreen),

giving the underwater hooka a test run,

running around in the dingy, visiting the wild iguanas on Allen's Cay,


 spotting beached whales and 91 pound Wahoos (trophy fish in the local Wahoo tournament). 

What a day!  Another big blow is expected to start tomorrow midday and so we will be off the dock early to reposition for the duration.  This will mean missing a stop at Wardrick Wells Land and Sea Park, but as one dock mate says, "Nobody's missing's all good here."
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