Monday, March 29, 2010

I Saw It! I Saw It!

It's been 9 years of watching, doubting, speculating and hoping. 

Watching sunset after sunset. 

Doubting that a Green Flash is even a real thing. 

Speculating Old Salts made up this cruising myth to amuse newbie sailors. 

Hoping to actually see one for myself.

This winter, I actually saw two Green Flashes with my very own eyes.  Yes.  It is real.  I even looked it up online, and sure enough, there's huge documentation, with pictures, videos.  You can now add my testimonial to the literature.

A Green Flash is an optical phenomena that occurs shortly before or after sunrise or sunset.  A refraction of light in the atmosphere, it can be a spot, a ray, or a flash of green light that lasts no longer than one or two seconds.  You have to be focused to catch it--no chit chat, no turning away, no interuptions.  (These could be reasons why it has taken me so long to succeed in catching sight of one for myself.  You know how I hate to sit still and stop talking.)

Check. It. Out.



Ta Da. 

It's really there.

  Supposedly it is even visible from the windows of an airplane.  All you need is a view of an unobstructed horizon on a clear day. 

So, you cruising buddies, have you see it yet?

What about you land-lubbers?  Has anyone seen this phenomena over land?
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