Monday, March 22, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

Wednesday was a dead calm day at sea.  Hazy, hot and humid--a dramatic difference from the 35 knots of wind just a few days  before.  Looking at the sky, we could see change was coming again, but for that one day, we revelled in the stillness.

Norman's Cay for breakfast and a snorkel on the downed plane.

Allan's Cay for lunch and an iguana encounter.

Highbourne Cay by low tide, with just enough time for a swim before dinner.

"Quick!  Turn off the water maker.  The props are churning up a ton of sand."  The poor Old Faithful had been at work for over 6 hours already.  Some guests eat.  Some guests drink.  And then there are those guests that use up the fresh water faster than we can make it. 

Cruisers' Midnight (9 pm) found us all snug in our bunks serenaded by the gentle patter of rain, small waves lapping against the hull, and oh yes, the rhythmic pulse of the water maker.    This was a FIRST:  making water while we and our aqua-dependent guests were sleeping.  One wonders how some people would survive in a desert, the dark side of the moon, or on a boat without a 16 gallon an hour water maker?
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