Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Earth is Moving

The vacant property next door sold for 8 times what we paid for ours 26 years ago.  We have been enjoying the tranquility of no neighbours, no noise and no nonsence lo these past 30 months.  Suddenly, it's:  Lights.  Camera.  Action.  In reality it is:  Saws.  Boulders.  Machinery.  Dust.  Noise.  And did I mention? The earth is moving,  the windows are rattling and the house is quaking in its boots.

First the arborists arrived to take down two century old trees.  One was almost completely rotten inside, so there is no loss there.  The new house planned for the site will have at least one fireplace, ergo a stockpile of wood for the grate.

The chipper machines (two of them) went at it for two days, distributing a fine sawdust fallout over the entire neighbourhood.

Because the property is on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency had to make studies and recommendations regarding shoreline protection.  No wonder the property sat vacant for over 2 years.  So many factors are involved in the equation of keeping consistent waterlevels throughout the Great Lakes:  erosion and flooding concerns, commercial navigation, recreational boating, hydro-electric concerns, and natural environment (flora and fauna).  The new property owners were mandated to wait construction of shoreline protection until after waterfowl mating and chicks reaching maturity. 

The boulders for the project are arriving one by one.  This monster is bigger and heavier by far than a whole car.  The engineer will design a construct that will fit pieces together like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle and then back fill with smaller and smaller rocks and stone.

I know.  I know.  It's not every day one gets to take photos up close and personal with an earth mover.  Sorry, I kinda got carried away.

This is what the bank looks like today.  A jungle of scrub, weeds, garbage, and decomposing vegetation form centeries of garden dumping. The pitch is about 18 degrees top to bottom.  If you are into big boy trucks, this will be a super fun project.  If you are like me and prefer the ground under your feet to stay predictably solid and unmoving, Steadfast, then we could be in for a season of moaning and groaning around here.  I'll keep you posted. 

Are you into trucks?  The kinds with wheels taller than a man? 

Wouldn't you just love to dig, push and lift tons of earth with the flick of an enormous power shovel?

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