Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Follow Fun, Fun, Fun

I seem to have been missing out on the fun of Friday Follow every other week or so. So often things pop up on this day that keep me away from my computer. Last week I was out west visiting family. This week it's a funeral in Scarborough two hours drive away. Always good or important things, life goes on. I will get caught up on Saturday if I don't catch you today, promise.

There have been good posts this week from my reading list, entertaining and informative. It's a great priviledge peeking in on the lives of others facing the challenges of daily life in the NOW. One gains perspective seeing things thru other peoples' eye once in awhile. Thank you to those who have come by to visit my blog and leave friendly comments. Friday Follow is an opportunity to meet new people and learn about life from a different perspective. Make sure I can follow you back by leaving your contact info.


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