Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Steadfast Garden, or How to Include a Boating Theme to a Land-based Blog.

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz.
I wonder where the flowers is?

Every year my Dad would throw off this line.  Every spring I think of him and smile.  I have been savouring the blog posts thrilling to the arrival of spring so many have written.  Surely it will come here too before I give up waiting for it.  All winter my only gardening outlet was a single pot of basil.  Outdoor plants on boats need special care as the salt in the air and in the waves that splash the decks kills them faster than a speeding drought.

This is what my garden looks like so far.

Until things get on with the show, I am focusing on my indoor blooms.

The orchids have re-bloomed on the same flower stalk since I've started using liquid feed for them.

This Christmas cactus has been blooming non-stop since November.  My secret is powdered Orchid food in the watering can.  All my plants love it.  Even the asparagus fern has put forth little red berries.

We are raking the lawns, pulling the dead stuff out of the flower beds and mowing down the bank.  Our property falls away to the shore of Lake Ontario and the bank is a challenge.  Soon we will be doing the picnic thing out there, hoisting the sun umbrellas, lounging in deck chairs and using the binoculars to spy on boaters, fishermen and waterskiers.  Bring on the sun.

Don't you just feel the pulse of new life every spring?


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