Saturday, September 11, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different: Philosophy 101

Life putt-putts along in regular rhythm as I mindlessly move from day to day, following routines of laundry, marketing, dog care and household tasks.  Recent movie outings, and exploits trapping wild urban animals have given me reason to pause and think.  I am now considering the multifaceted layers of my personal existence.  Is there more going on than meets the eye of the casual observer, more than can be seen and heard, or even more than all my human senses can apprehend?

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I move thru my days dealing with the here and now in 3D.  I react to what I see, hear and touch and never think about what else exists, never mind what else could be occurring in different realms.  Is this total reality, or an illusion of what is real?

It is easy to forget about earthquakes in Haiti or floods in Pakistan when I am not experiencing it first hand.  It surprises me to realize there are wild critters cavorting around my back yard in the dark while I snuggle under my cozy duvet, blissfully unaware of them.  That people sitting beside me on the bus are sick with worry over their personal dilemmas, financial issues or health problems doesn't reach out and slap me across the face.

The Matrix and Inception:  movies that explore themes of alternate realities push the viewer to question:
What is real?
What is true?
What is illusion?

How facile to self absorb, to remain purposefully unaffected by what cries out to be acknowledged.  The facts are undeniable.  There is more.  The here bleeds into thereNow becomes diffused with eternity.  What is seen is a mere reflection of all that exists invisibly.

A body, soul and spirit, I was created to live fully in 3 realms, not just one or two.  It takes an acute awareness and even some discipline to remember that and to live it out day by day.  By the Grace of God and the power of His Holy Spirit, I am endeavouring to live my life with a view to what counts for eternity.

 Do you sometimes feel there should be more to life?  Does your time here on earth seem to be slipping away into nothingness?  Or, are you full to the brim with life here and now, looking forward with joyous expectation to the future and beyond? 

Is there a difference?  What do you say?
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