Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Ready for Cold Feet Weather

Knitting sox has always been one of my fav things to wile away the hours.  My most favorite part is "turning the heel".  It is quite a satisfying feeling to manipulate four needles in my hands at once, knitting in the round."  When I discovered this amazing book last May, it was a must
have,  no question!

The pattern book shown here is an older one. Mine has 60+ winning designs.  The Knitters' Magazine held a contest for new sock patterns, offering thousands of dollars for prizes.  Almost 300 people from all over the world sent in their creations and the result is this book.
Of course, it was the picture on the cover that caught my eye. 

Poring over this book in bed for three nights in a row, I began to have second thoughts.

This looks really hard!

Finally, I decided to knit the pattern by Nancy Hazen from Kirkland, Wahington, not the pattern for the multicouloured prisms that I so admired.  I figured that if I could manage Nancy's, my ultimate goal would be in reach.  It was a good decision.  First I made a pair for my daughter.  It went so well, was so much fun, and was a hit with every knitter I introduced the pattern to, that I made a second pair for myself.

Piece of Cake!

Done totally in garter stitch, knit completely flat until the toe, heel and cuff are needed, the hardest part is picking up stitches and decreasing. 

First, you start with one little square.

Gradually, you build on one square at a time.

 I really enjoyed showing people the work in progress and having them try to guess what it was.  Nobody could figure it out.  Even when I told them it was a sock, they would shake their heads in disbelief.  You really have to "Think Outside the Sox" to wrap your head around it. 

Voila!  The finished product.  A very handsome pair of sox, if I do say so myself.

How about you?  Do you knit?  Do you do sox? 
What are your favorite projects?
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