Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late Summer Harvest

Here it is, the end of summer and the Niagara Peninsula is in harvest mode. 

Sunday's 50km. bike ride took us thru some pretty areas that I just had to go back and document today with my camera.  When I first saw them on Sunday, they were bowing under the weight of so much fruit.  Today, most of the apples had been picked, but look at these beauties.


On the way to make juice or wine.

The purple ones are called Concord, and the green ones are Niagara Grapes.  Sold this way, in small baskets, they are called "Table Grapes".

It all looks so delicious, nutritious and bursting with vitamin C.

Thanksgiving comes early in Canada and here you can see why.  The snows are hitting Alberta as we speak.  Harvest is all over out west, but the tender fruit belt of southern Ontario is still in full swing.

Pumpkins come next.  Are you ready?
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