Friday, September 24, 2010

Demolition Derby

I'm camping in my dining room!

I can see the basement bedroom thru the hole in the kitchen floor!

Cough, sneeze, choke....dust, smoke, alarms.

Open doors to let smoke out, bring in flies and loose the dog.

Telephone is ringing off the hook as every trade in the construction industry is trying to communicate with each other, and Hubby's home office is vying for talk time. 

The truck scheduled to pick up my bags and boxes of purged junk is late, not coming today, rescheduled.
Haul the stuff out to the curb, haul it back.  It's going to rain.

In all the noise and confusion (can you hear the drills, electric saws, jack hammers?) I am escaping to the web.  It's quite there, entertaining and fun.  Friday Follows are welcome here this week.  Perhaps I will meet new friends, good writers, great photographers, people who can teach me things, or people I can help.  If your blog is all about selling things, count me out.  To be honest, I will not follow back.  My favorite blogs to follow are the ones that talk about life. 

Welcome aboard Steadfast!  Make yourself at home and visit often.  Once the holidays are over, we'll get underway, cross the Gulf Stream and cruise the waters of the Bahamas.  Bring your life jacket and a fishing rod.  The wine's on me.

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