Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Does It Feel?

Did you see that?  Did you?  He whistled at me!

                               -How do you feel, she asked?

I think he just made my day.

                               -It's the boots.

The boots?

                                -Yeah, men go for babes in boots, was her opinion.

The clerk in the pharmacy remarked on the boots.  The cleaning lady gave them praise.  They do look good with the skinny black pants.  I guess it is the boots.

                                 -She told me a story:  Way back when I was 45, way, way back, I traveled from Poland to Spain on holiday.  I remember perfectly what I was wearing on that particular day.  I had on a white shirt with a little collar and short sleeves.  I was wearing my pearls and matching earrings.  My full skirt swished and swirled around my legs as I walked down the street in my bare feet with sandals.  All of a sudden, I was hearing whistles.  I didn't turn my head, but just kept on walking.  There were more whistles and then men's voices calling out to me.  It made me blush and hurry on.  When I caught up with my sister, she asked what was wrong with me.  I looked funny, she said.  Where I came from, people never did that, it was unheard of.  I wasn't sure if I was insulted or flattered.  Deep down, it felt good--I was turning heads at 45!

Good for you.

                                -Those boots:  I used to wear boots with high heels like those.  I had a pair in black, brown and tan.  Not any more.  Good for you too.
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