Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Black and White Wednesday Around the Cape

Out and about the Cape this week, I have been enamoured anew by the sights and smells of this heavenly Eden.

The grassy fields

Lupins and wild flowers

Never-ending rocky shores

Being that a Cape, by definition, is a land mass projecting into a body of water,
we walk, bike, drive the circle route around the area.
On the same evening,
I shot the sunset on one side... 

and the moon rise on the other.
  A full, pink moon, rising over Weir Cove.

Where are you guys walking, biking and driving to appreciate scenery these days?
Do you take your camera with you?

Please do click on the picture to enlarge and appreciate the spiky texture of the rotting wood posts contrasting the softer lichen and moss and fine grasses.

I am pleased to report that my last submission for the judges at "Like Christmas Everyday" won second place.  So many talented photographers, together with Mrs. Claus, display their work each week.  Why not link in and join the fun!

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