Thursday, July 5, 2012

Parades By Land and Sea

The tiny Harborside Parade.
Simple fun in the style of Norman Rockwell vintage.

 Christmas in July, complete with Yuletide music.  Candy canes and lollipops came raining down on us.


 A lobster Pirate.

 Poet Laureate Dan Hoffman reads the Declaration of Independence.

Sea Gulls, squawking and dropping spoonfuls of curdled milk-- "Best in Show".

The Alien.

Flags waving in the wind.


Tractor circa 1952

My Grandniece sat on her Daddy's shoulder to view the fun.  Her favs were the fire truck and the yummy candies.


Bedecked in sparkles and beads.

The Harborside Cannon.

When the parade had marched up and then back down the one street of the hamlet, the crowd (maybe 120 people) gathered to pledge allegiance to the flag, sing God Bless America, listen to the local valedictorian recite the Gettysburg Address and Dan Hoffman read the Declaration of Independence, then cheer on the contestants in the pie-eating contest.
The rain held off just long enough.

Back at the cottage, we had front row seats for a second parade:
Tall Ships leaving Bucks Harbor enroute to Castine and then Camden.

The Tall Ships made it in fair winds.  This solo ketch raced the front home, trying to beat the squalls.

The word of the day was "Nostalgia".  
A rather low-key celebration here at the Cape.  We were happy to have Hubby's sister and family with us to share in the festivities.
Family still comes first when we count the many blessings we cherish here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

How was your day?
Did your fireworks get rained out, like ours, or did you blast the skies with splendour?
Happy Birthday USA.

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